Where We Are Now (In the World)


But you must not forget that we only said one thing. You must not forget us too, now - we who tried for so long to keep hell away from you. We who have burnt our fingers pushing its fires for years and years and years. Fools, idiots; the poets and prophets, the madmen from small villages, those of us who hear voices, and those who speak in tongues and burn candles. We have been your lunatics, trying to keep hell away from you. We have mistaken our sweats for tears and our tears for sweats. We have signed the cross on your foreheads with our last oils. We have surrendered our lives to make yours bearable. We have fasted and endured sleepless nights so that your days may be bright. We have been your fools- us madmen and women, rising at dawn to pray or drink or smoke or fuck, forgetting the taste of sun, lighting candles, beating our backs over your sufferings, asking statues for your good health and long life. We have trekked through thick forests and dipped the body under our necks into dirty streams in sacrifice for you, so that we are without shame in the full moon when we beg you desperately to take what it is we have come with. We swam across oceans to meet you on dry land so that you are not alone, so that you can hear our message. We told ourselves we are un-deserving of mercy as we pushed hell back; as we wrestled its vulgar red and yellow flames, as our lungs collapsed slowly and slowly like melting ice. Do you know that we had to teach ourselves how to breath in order to survive just for you- to keep you company as your mortal days progress: images, sounds, texts, paintings, clothes, buildings; which we we were using to say one thing. Now, our noses are torn thin from the smoke of keeping hell away from you. Now, our lips cannot shake out discernible words anymore because we had said one thing so many times to you and our tongues can no longer carry the weight of words. We had done it all for love, said that it was love: see it, know it, accept it with your two hands and give it out same.

But you did nothing of our efforts and now we are here and you are screaming, and we are screaming, and there is no space in hell for everyone to breathe all at once.

Keside AnosikeComment